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Actress, creator and influencer based in LA.

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Google I/O Case Study Recap

I went to Google I/O and created digestible, FUN pieces of content, not as a Silicon Valley insider, but as a gen-z consumer who showed the value of the updates revealed at Google’s annual conference.

Inside Android

At CES Las Vegas 2023, we sat down with Google VPs and Engineers to find out more about Android devices working better together.

Android: Let’s Roll

We wanted to take the Android audience inside the new BMW i7 at CES 2023 - so what better way to do it than with Patrick Brady, the VP of Engineering at Android Auto, to walk us through the new updates.

Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Flip users know just how COOL this phone is, but we wanted to show the most fun real-life use cases that still felt native to social.

Amazon Music Rotation Winter Formal: Christmas Memories

We partnered with creator, influencer, and icon Kerwin Frost to ask attendees of the Amazon Music Rotation Winter Formal some of their favorite things about Christmas.

Amazon Music: Fan Interviews x Omar Apollo

At Amazon Music, it’s all about the fans - so we met Omar Apollo fans at his concert in LA to ask what they love about him the most.

Facebook: Pizza Lover’s Society Group

We were tasked with creating short hero films starring Facebook Groups that felt native to the internet, so we made an infomercial for Facebook users who LOVE pizza.

Facebook: Bad Bitch Book Club Group

We were tasked with creating short hero films starring Facebook Groups that felt native to the internet. This one, for the Bad Bitch Book Club group, speaks for itself.

The Female Genius: It's Alive!

Thirdwing Media & The Wild Project NYC

Hi, I'm Krysten.

I'm a passionate creative who is dedicated to connecting with Gen-Z and meeting them where they are. With a background in acting, I built my own presence on social media, and now I work with brands to bring their content to life across multiple platforms.

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